Black Hills Milk

Our Farm

      We are a family farm with mostly family labor and we milk our own cows along with raising some grass fed beef. We enjoy showing our cattle at the County Fair and to anyone else who is interested, including several pre-school, Christian School , and other groups who have toured and enjoyed some horseback riding  and refreshing treats while visiting the dairy. We raise all of our replacement cattle here on the farm and graze our livestock all months that the weather permits.

      Our milk cows are allowed outdoor access 365 days a year but also offered shelter in a well ventilated, sand-bedded free stall barn. We milk 2 times a day in a double- four Surge Auto-flow parlor . Our cows are fed top quality feed from our farm and numerous other local producers whom  we have had a personal  relationship for years, assuring the quality & safety of the feed. Dry cows & heifers are grazed during summer months & offered shelter in open face sheds during the winter.  We compost all bedding from the sheds and offer for sale each spring to local gardeners and landscapers.

      Our beef cows graze all months weather permitting and are supplemented only with grass type forage when needed.

     We use all natural fertilizer on our crops and sell sweet corn each summer.